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12 28th, 2009

Well those here who know me , know I like searching through the databases of kinky dating sites and search for sexy Dominant Females and just reading their profiles can turn me on to be honest , It touches me to read what these women want and are searching for, I like Women who are fetishists and enjoy controlling males and that is what femdom dating is about for me.

she calls herself a Mastrubatrix and what she wants is your CUM this Lady is 39 years old by the way and I will quote from her dating add

“I want a sub who needs a masturbatrix guide.

Orgasm control and guided masturbation are your primary kinks.

I don’t want to control your life – I want to control your cum.

Once I have that, everything else just seems to follow right along….LOL

Online and phone will be the starting point. Anything that may develop after that will be at My request, not yours.”


This video I posted I had just found and really wanted to share it with others who are interested in Dominant wifes in different situations and the realer the better, the dominant wife is a very real thing about which many guys fantasize hoping to one day become the “willing victim”of a dominant wife who could enslave you, well enough talk about ball torture or testicle torture for the more learned ones .Is this a Mistress wife who uses public cbt to bring her male into submission by this form of ball slapping.

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This is one mean looking Dominant Black Female , just look at her powurfull sexy round ass which she can use to easily smother her white cuckold husband who she trained to be her licking slave as , this dominant wife has taken complete control over her white weak husband who doesnt have the will power to resist any thing his hot black wife tells him to do . She makes him do many small rituals everday to show how much he loves her and worships her and how happy he is with his hot black wife who completly controls his life , she knows he doesnt want to life without her and she makes him know that he is nothing but her little white slave husband to lick her pussy and pay the bills , she loves him for being such obedient ass licking cuck , she needs it everyday when she has time to relax or before one of her stud friends are comming to pleasure her hot body , even after he cleas her pussy while she laughs at him and humiliates him or sometimes she is just watching television and completly ignoring him , that is how things can go in the household of a domiant wife , hope you liked this short dominant wife story , the beautifull picture comes from Mean Amazon Bitches the place where strong dominant wifes rule over weak submissive males

Sometimes there are sweet moments in the life of a submissive male , submissive husband , like in the next story where on a nice sunny day a Dominant wife decides to take her sub male to the park together with her best friend to join in on the fun of taking a walk in the park , the slave husband was very happy to be taken allong with 2 hot women , but when they arrived the leased him and took him to a very secluded place where they made him undress and be their dog , so there you are with you amazing hot busty blonde wife who dresses so sexy that just looking at her is enough material for a good wank , But out in the park she becomes really mean on him , and her friend joins in on the cruelty inflicted on his body , the  walk on him with their high heels , even kick him step on his throat , he gets marks all over his body and when he is totally enterd his little sub space , (when a sub being realizes his true place around his superior beings) his wifes friend pulls down her pants and pisses straight over his slave face , a lovely goldenshower domination very cruel story but very hot and i know many would like to be taken for a walk in the park by 2 hot ladies , so the best next thing is to watch the videos which are extremly real , the real people feeling very nice and  hot , this stuff is real check out for your self if you can handle it ENTER DOMINANT WIFE TERRITORY

This is a very controversial thing for many folks out there , so im warning you the next story might be shocking please leave if you dont like adultery in front of a submissive partner

So this weak male got himself a sexy blonde wife slim body maybe even petit and he thought he could handle such a sweet looking blonde with her tight pussy and her sweet b cup tits , but nothing seemed to be more wrong for this submissive husband , his hot wife got bored with his weak sex and his weak attitudes , she started thinking about him more and more as if he was a bitch , then she heared about cuckolding and that hot women with submissive partners can turn them into their little sweet obedient cuckolds , she thought lets give it a try , the first black stud who hitted on her she invited to come over to her home , just when her husband is also at home , she knows he does anything she says and he wasnt giving her any good attention lately anyway so she went for this , her husband was clearly intimidated when he saw the fit black stud who clearly seemed to be into his wife , his wife ordered him to move to the bedroom , she started stripping and the black male liked it and yelled some horny things , while hubby kept quiuet , she ordered her cuckold hubby to get on his back and lick her pussy while she continued flirting with the black stud , he was really amazed by this white horny chicken abusing her bitch ass husband , he felt like a king , hubby still was licking her pussy and she started kissing the black male , roughly she move position not caring a single fuck about her husband , she went for the big black cock and ordered her hubby to lick her ass , this play continued more and more , the hubby even gets smacked around for being such a bitch ,  If you dont believe me this stuff is all on tape ( porn tape ) and its a big turn on for any cuckold wannabe , I will give you 4 sample videos which you can see if you click the photo , but dont forget life is short treat yourself with full videos and get the orgasms you deserve mr Cuckold ;)

Would you like to come home to this beautifull wife , who collars you and uses a nice whip to get you down on the floor?? She likes you to worship her feet and even to kiss her sexy little shoes …could you handle such a hot dominant wife? She is very demanding and doesnt take no for an answer! She will step on your hand when you are down on all fours , she will bring you into the most submissive postures right down in the shared living room , You will feel like a nothing a comlete nothing laying naked on HER floor , Your dominant wife will show you her pussy while you lay submissive on the floor and she will tell smack your head and say lick it with an exotic accent , you lick her pussy and enjoy her beauifull flower , but she has other plans , she starts pissing over you , she pisses straight into your enslaved mouth just in the middle of your lovely modern livingroom , then she orders you to lick the piss of her feet , do you still feel happy to be with this beautifull exotic wife can you still handle this kind of life ?? Or are you just falling deeper and deeper in love with your dominant wife and the new adventures she creates for you , is she taking you beyond your wildest dreams ?? the dominant wife story can be seen on video and also on lots of photos , but its not going to be served to you for free , its inside the members area of a quality site called Russian Mistress and if you liked this story you are gonne like it even more there ENTER HERE

Do you know this fear when you date a hot woman , the fear of she finding out that your cock might be considered on the small side by some females , you love the woman and really want to bang her but you clearly see she is out of your leage , but what to do there is some attraction from her side also , she treats you like a real man and it feels so sweet , you start becoming confident again about yourself as a male , and picture the 2 of you in a nice sexual future , but then her hands goes to your cock , she reacts a bit and starts checking more with her hand , then she say NOOOO you must be kidding me , there comes the feeling of humiliation , now what , where can you go , where can you and your small cock hide , then this woman happens to be extremely dominant and demands you to strip naked NOW , you are overpowered a little bit turned on but also scared to shit , she laughs some more ,she tells you to get hard just to make sure , then she tells you sorry you are too small for her , before you know the dominant lady turns you into something usefull and funny for herself , she tells you to get on the floor , and lick her feet like a little dog , and the same moment she is on the phone with a friend , completly relaxed telling her friend about her date and his small winky , and that her little date is now licking her feet like a obedient little dog , how do you feel know , like a little worm , a slave , a dog , but not so much like a real man anymore , luckely this submissive male gets a sweet offer from the hot amazon lady , he can become her little bitch , help her to get ready for dates and guide the big dicks into her sweet pussy , I think thats a sweet offer and the ladies of this site Mean Amazon Bitches really are hot and know how to deal with submissive male , if you like full figured women taking control of weak man then this site is calling you to join her one day soon as she will make you cum like have never cummed before ( they really got great videos in the member area i love them )

Now these might not be married , but the are for sure in a relationship with each other , the much sought after Mistress slave relationship , where the male accepts women to be sexually superior to him and that he does anything for them to be close to them , like this male in the photo there are ship loads of submissive men in this world , the writer being one of them also , so i understand like no other  , or maybe you also understand it like me , that the man in the photo gallery is a very lucky man , such a hot superior Mistress who abuses him , just imagine how beautifull her voice could , and how cruel that same voice can be at the same time , then imagine how soft her beautifull skin must feel , her perfect feet in high heels how priveledged the slave must feel to be in close contact with such a hot lady , he sees her polished nails when he has to kiss her nice tanned feet , he can touch her Golden High Heeled shoes when he is still kissing her feet , while she whips him for having a hardon or whatever reason the Mistress likes as that is how it goes when you accept to be a submissive slave , you accept that the Mistress is always right and knows best and you are better off with her then without her and being sexually inferior to her you will have a hard time finding such hot lady to play with , hard facts of life which can be turned into fun facts ,  I truly enjoy these sites , these videos they have , for me that is quality time and maybe you have allready joined many of these sites and know what im talking about ,  here I will only deal with quality sites which give you more then you actually deserve , but luckely we are more then just submisive pervs we are also consumers and for us great sites are created , they give hope inspiration and lots of orgasms ;) to the submissive males like you and me

I dont know about you , but i like to look at those Amazon women , you know tall but femine , with big curvious ass and large breasts , and then i wonder how could a small man keep a relationship with such a Goddess in balance , now today a  couple reveals what could happen in such a relationship , By the way his Mistress Harmony Hearth is 50 pounds heavier and a foot taller then he is , and she wasnt into having a balanced relationship with poor little brandon , no no … she turned him into her little slave step by step , first she made him stay at home , to do some chores , while she was out dancing in clubs , he agreed to everything she wanted him to do without knowing she was turning the weak male into her slave bitch husband , this dangeours hot Dominant Wife , she even started fucking other men and letting brandon know about it  and how good it was and how she needs brandon to clean up her pussy  like he is doing in the photo below , if you have fantasies about being the bitch husband of a Superior Amazon woman then this site will be very pleasing to you and trust me its all high quality and exclusive , just browse the site and see the amazing Dominant women they have working with them , it will make you drool like a little dog

Have you ever dreamed about a hot exotic wife , maybe a hot russian woman , they have this temprament unknown to most , they are wild like wild cats , they are real woman and they like real man , so you wonder what will happen if a sissy submissive small cock wanker gets himself a hot post order bride from russia , well take a moment and look at the photo below , there we got a male who is found inadequate by the hot russian wife , she has taped him on the salon table and together with her friend show him what POWER a real hot wild woman has and what she can make a weak male do like himself , some might be shocked but more might be turned on by powerfull wife who totally dominates the weak males in het life , some go so crazy that they are allready searching the web for their own post order bride in the hope they will get dominated and humiliated for who they are , and others may realize that you should always be carefull with HOT woman as the can be dangerous and turn you into a thing which suits them best , if you like hot dominant exotic wifes from russia , then i have a link for you which brings you to a site filled with dominant russian ladies dominating submissive guys in different ways and im telling you , these ladies are very hot , i really love to look at them with their sexy clothes and high heels , hot faces , etc.etc. quality dominant women , here is the link Russian Women Dominating weak Males